It happened. Your best worker has handed in their resignation – the clock is ticking – the countdown is on. You need someone to replace them, but who? Where do you even begin?

The hiring process is a laborious task, depending on your industry, your candidate requirements, and the role; it can range from a week, to seven months for c-level positions. In addition, there is the added issue of it being a candidate-driven market. Candidates call the shots and it is up to you to entice them.

There are many factors to consider when hiring. You need to be aware of industry salary averages and expectations, you need to think about what kind of candidate you want and, more importantly, for your bottom line – how much time can you dedicate to this process without hindering your company’s workflow and productivity?

You might turn to a recruitment agency. If we stripped it to its bones, a recruitment agency matches an employee to an employer. That’s in its simplest form, however; a recruitment agency does so much more. The benefits include; time saved, better alignment, competitive edge and reach.

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