In April, we held an exciting event exploring the Energy Transition and its implications in South Africa.

Energy transition and decarbonisation are at the forefront of conversations globally and it is recognised that we need to explore different ways of accessing energy if we are to reduce our emissions and realise our sustainability goals.

On this journey, it will be important to understand what frameworks and policies are in place to promote sustainability. What solutions are companies providing to promote the energy transition? What long-term plans or roadmaps are companies and governments implementing towards reducing their carbon emissions footprint and improving sustainability? What new technologies or solutions are companies developing or marketing to progress?

The event was headlined by guest speakers Harol Koyama (Chief Executive Officer of H2 PowerTech) and Mark Flower (Regional Managing Consultant of Worley Consulting). Harol spoke on developing hydrogen production and fuel cell power generation products capable of competing with traditional power generation systems, such as diesel generators for grid-connected backup power and off-grid primary power applications. Mark spoke on the Energy Transition in Southern Africa, the current initiatives, projects underway and more specifically the context for Green Hydrogen and the associated developments in Southern Africa.

There was a strong attendance at the event, and it generated a vibrant discussion on the context and path forward for the energy transition in South Africa.

I would like to thank the speakers and the guests that attended the event and look forward to further engaging on this important topic.